Who we are and
what we believe in

We seek to rediscover teamwork. To work hand in hand and learn how to see and think differently. Besides educating, our mission is increasing diversity in tech and sustainable, non-mass production of professionals in tech.

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So who are we?

We are a group of experienced digital creators with years of teaching experience and many successfully launched projects under our belts. We are based in Berlin and Stuttgart and are an outcome of a collaboration between muse case - UX Design & Technology and muse case labs.

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Our vision

Somewhere along the way, we forgot about teamwork. Perhaps, it's because we've read too many autobiographies of tech entrepreneurs. But no matter what the books and the films say, nothing was ever built by just one person. It's always built through teamwork and collaboration because, quite simply, two brains are better than one: And for the record, those who don't work together and share ideas, sink not swim.

We seek to rediscover teamwork. To work hand in hand and learn how to truly see and think differently.

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Our beliefs

We don’t believe the hype. We don’t believe in early bird admissions, flash discounts, or two-for-ones. Nor do we believe in large groups, revolving doors, and empty promises.

We believe in the power of design & technology, the power of education, the power of collaboration, the power of determination, the power of you. We’re no bullshit.

We’re muse case labs.

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