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Accelerate your career or team performance by joining our unique Advanced UX/UI Design, Front-end Web Development, and Collaboration Expert bootcamps or Team Workshops.

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Advanced UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Advance in your career by conquering the field of UX/UI and digital product design.

Built for: UX, UI, App and Web-Designers, Graphic/Communication and Visual Designers

  • Live remote
  • 11 weeks, fulltime
  • Next date 01. August 2022
Young blond female UX designer drawing with a Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet while focused on the MacBook screen in front of her.

Front-end Web Development

Learn how to build and style websites and landing pages using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Become one of the most sought-after professionals of today.

  • Live remote
  • 10 weeks, fulltime
  • Next date 06. June 2022
A young redhead female developer close-up focused at a computer screen.

Collaboration Expert Bootcamp

Learn how to collaborate effectively in teams of designers and developers.

Built for: UX, UI, App, and Web-Designers (mid-level or advanced) and Front-end, App, Web Software Developers (mid-level or advanced)

  • Live remote
  • 9 weeks, fulltime
  • Starting Q3 2022
A team of three young UX Designers and Developers working on a Digital Product at a desk in a very bright room with sticky notes on the wall.
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