Pricing and
financing options

You would like to participate but are not sure you can afford it? This is a page with tips on various ways to finance it or how to talk your boss into giving you a leave of absence.

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When you’re unemployed

We are a certified and accredited educational institution in Germany. This means if you are a resident of this country, you might be eligible to cover the cost with a Bildungsgutschein. Contact your unemployment agent about our bootcamp or contact us for additional information.

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You already have a job but want to level up...

...within your company.

Did you know that in many countries, it’s mandatory by law to give your employees an education leave?

Perhaps it’s time to have a talk with your supervisor. You could negotiate your education leave as an added value to your current team. Many employers respect this kind of initiative.

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You’re a freelancer

Do you know how much your hourly rate can increase with additional skills you will get by graduating from our bootcamp?

Enough to easily cover the cost of your education with just a few projects.

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