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Expert Bootcamp

From day one, we pair WebDevs and Designers up on the same team and have you work on cutting-edge real projects together, which will be designed, implemented and launched at the end of about eight weeks. During this process you can learn together and from one another. This way, you will only truly understand what your counterpart is doing, helping you develop much-needed cross-team empathy.

Bootcamp highlights

This is a basic overview. We keep the detailed curriculum close to our hearts, so we'll only reveal it when you give us your heart: upon admission.

Intensive learning— 9 x 40h weeks

Full-time, immersive, challenging, and fun. Live lectures, workshops and labs. Over two months of investing in yourself. We can promise this is going to be a unique experience.

Small groups— max. 12 students per cohort

Highly effective teams are always small. That’s why we decided on a limit of 12 students per cohort, and because this way, we get to dedicate ample time to guide and give you feedback.

Real projects— from design to launch

Providing you with real projects to practice your skills is essential. You will be exposed to stakeholder meetings, business strategies, and the healthy pressures of “going live”.

Experienced instructors— experienced practitioners

Finding experienced professionals with a passion for teaching is no small feat. Good thing it’s precisely them who is in charge of running the show.

Pricing and payment

We carefully calculated the cost of this program. You can pay it at once or in monthly installations. We do not accept Bitcoin or kidneys.

Cost per participant: €6850

Since we are certified and accredited in Germany, residents of this country might be eligible to cover the cost with a Bildungsgutschein.

Get in touch with us to find out more about your financing options.

How and what will you learn

This curriculum only touches the surface of your experience with us. Feel free to get in touch with us for all the juicy details.

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Bootcamp structure

In the first couple of weeks, you will have most of the lectures and labs together so both professions can learn what makes the other tick. There will be a mini project to warm you up for the real-life project and get to know each other.

For the majority of the bootcamp, you will collaborate on a project with an actual stakeholder. This way, you will learn how to handle client meetings, set expectations, and present your work. During this time, we will guide and support you with daily feedback on your work while using Agile to keep the projects in check. We will continue with engaging lectures and labs though the focus will be more on learning by doing. We will end the projects by “going live” on the web.

Skills you will learn

You are going to learn about how to collaborate together on projects. To achieve this we will teach you the latest project management tools, rapid prototyping, collaboration software and how to communicate nicely with other homo sapiens.

Besides communication, we will off course teach you a whole range of technical skills. For web devs, some of these will be Javascript and Tech Setup and for designers advanced UI and UX Research but you will all be exposed to fair amount of what your counterpart is doing so you can understand it.

Additionally, we will teach you many career tips and practices to gain competitive advantage on the job market.

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